Best Zoom Guitar Effects

One of my first pedals was a Zoom effects processor. These devices give you any number of great guitar sounds and they have become much better since the early days when I was using them. In this article we examine some of the best guitar effects processors you can buy from Zoom. These pedals will make your guitar playing sound really good, even if you don't have the best guitar or amplifier on the market today.We will create a series of post reviewing different pedal which will also include octave pedal reviews.

Zoom G1XN Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

This pedal features great drive tones, effect types, and famous pre-sets. The pedal features new drive sounds using state of the art modeling technology. The unit features fifteen amplifier and stomp box models that replicate the sounds of the classics from smooth and mellow to full on shred guitar. It's easy to edit the effect with the selector knob and the value of the effect with the value knob. You can design your own tones with the pedal and use buttons for saving your patches. You can fine tune your sounds and the bright LED indicators make the unit easy to operate even in poor lighting conditions. The unit can simulate the sounds of rock legends such as Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix. You'll find pre-sets for arpeggios, power chords, lead, and other guitar sounds.

Zoom ZG21NU Guitar Multi Effects Pedal and USB Interface

This unit features enhanced drive sounds based upon the popular Zoom G2 pedal. The unit has twenty types of guitar amplifiers and stomp boxes which offer a wide range of sounds with the device. The effect processor features 100 pre-set guitar sounds and ten of them were created by guitar legend Steve Vai. Other patches emulate the rock sounds from the 60s and 70s. The device also functions as an audio interface so you can record directly to your computer with the built-in USB port. The device has a chromatic tuner, integrated drum machine and other features. This pedal is perfect for rock lead guitar and other styles.

Zoom G9.2tt Twin Tube Guitar Effects Console

This unit is a multi-effects powerhouse with awesome amplifier and stomp box modeling capabilities. It includes 120 effects, a tuner, and amplifier optimization. This unit is perfect for the studio or stage. the device features a 12AX7 tube for warm crunchy sounds and harmonics. The built in equalizer has six frequency bands that are optimized for electric guitars. The new ZFX-3 chip provides great performance and allows for smooth and detailed signal processing. Detailed guitar finger work will come across with clarity on this unit.

A2 Acoustic Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

This unit processes the line signal from the pickup on your acoustic guitar and adds the tone and space which is normally associated with microphone recording. The natural resonance of your guitar will shine through on the unit. You can model famous acoustic sounds with this device and you'll find EQ and various effects to shape your unique acoustic sound with the device. The six-band EQ on the unit is optimized for acoustic guitars and you can optimize the frequency response for the type of pickup and amplifier you're using so you get the right acoustic sound. The unit features a feedback control switch to reduce the amount of acoustic feedback when performing. The unit features 47 high-quality effects such as flanger delay, phaser, and compressor. Each effect has been optimized for acoustic guitars. Get over nine types of reverb with the unit and 40 pre-sets make it easy to find a good sound right out of the box. The unit features a drum machine and a tuner as well.

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